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A time-bound and efficient process for resolving insolvency and bankruptcy in a transparent manner. With a motive to provide a comprehensive framework for resolving the insolvency and bankruptcy of companies, individuals, and partnerships. The IBC proceedings are regulated by the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI).
The IBBI has 10 members from the Law Ministry, Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank of India to oversee the proceedings. Prior to the implementation of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), the average recovery rate was just around 26%. But, since the introduction of the IBC, recovery rates have varied from approximately 33% in 2021-2022 to as high as 49.6% in 2017-2018.
Since Mr. Jain is a registered IP (Insolvency Professional), he possesses in depth knowledge of IBC & serves the assigned matters with honesty & provides a fair chance of either restructuring, recovering or dissolving businesses as per the law.

In a nutshell, Insolvency Services consists of,

Insolvency Consultation & Planning
Insolvency Process Management
Creditor and Debtor Representation
Debt Restructuring and Strategies
Compliance and Regulatory Support

Ensuring adherence to legal requirements, as per industry guidelines, and standard industry practices while minimizing
compliance-related risks & safe returns.

Insolvency Professional
NPA Management Consultant
Management Consultant
Sick Unit Revival Expert
Project Finance Consultant
Working Capital Management Consultant
IBC Expert In Ahmedabad