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Locking & Securing project financing, structuring plan & advisory on funding options in compliance with Indian Project Finance Regulations.


As a Project Finance Consultant, Mr Jain works in favor of supporting businesses in securing project financing. As per their ventures, Mr. Jain undertakes services such as Investor & Lender engagement, making it easier for developing an agreement that supports & profits both the parties. Not only does he provide support while funding large-scale projects, he offers a helping hand when it comes to services such as its finalization stages.


With experience in the finance field as well, Mr. Jain lays out the overall plan. From securing the necessary funding, implementation, & mitigating risks to a successful outcome.
In a nutshell, Project Finance Consultation services consists of,
Financial Structuring & Projection
Funding Strategy Development
Investor and Lender Engagement
Risk Mitigation and Due Diligence
Ensuring adherence to legal requirements, as per industry guidelines, standard industry practices while minimizing compliance-related risks & safe returns.
Insolvency Professional
IBC Expert
NPA Management Consultant
Management Consultant
Sick Unit Revival Expert
Project Finance Consultant
Working Capital Management Consultant
Project Finance Consultant In Ahmedabad