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Best NPA Management Consultant In Mumbai

Offers expert guidance and solutions to financial institutions and businesses for effectively managing and resolving non-performing assets in accordance with Indian regulations.
NPA expands to non-performing assets (NPA). Reserve Bank of India defines Non Performing Assets in India as any advance or loan that is overdue for more than 90 days. “An asset becomes non-performing when it ceases to generate income for the bank,” said RBI in a circular form 2007.
Mr. Jain holds a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding NPAs and specializes in NPA (Non-Performing Assets) Management Consultant.

He works in favor of financially unstable institutions and businesses exposing it to better utilization. Devendra Jain is dedicated to helping clients effectively manage, utilize, dispose or resolve NPAs while maximizing recovery & minimizing losses. Starting off with a deep learning & NPA Assessment along with an analysis. Mr Jain focusses on strategic development towards its resolution. Primarily Restructuring and Rehabilitation while evaluating the financial viability of the assets & developing restructuring plans to revive the performance and value of the distressed assets.

In a nutshell, NPA Management Consultation Services consists of,

NPA Assessment and Analysis
Resolution Strategy Development
Restructuring and Rehabilitation
Debt Recovery and Settlement
NPA Portfolio Management
NPA Management Consultant In Ahmedabad
NPA Management Consultant In Ahmedabad
Ensuring adherence to legal requirements, as per industry guidelines, standard industry practices while minimizing compliance-related risks & safe returns.
Insolvency Professional
IBC Expert
Management Consultant
Sick Unit Revival Expert
Project Finance Consultant
Working Capital Management Consultant